Why do I have to pay for GDI?

Military news is widely available in the Internet from various sites. Most of the information is offered free of charge. Why, then, should I pay for GDI?

First, GDI is the world's largest commercially available collection of defense, military-aviation and space-related articles. Intended primarily for analysis and research, GDI is a current intelligence service ideally suited for rapid generation of professional reports on a wide range of defense and aerospace topics. GDI was launched in 1986 and now contains over 170,000 journal and news article abstracts culled from approximately 200 electronic and print sources. Updated daily, over 1,300 new articles are added every month.

Second, through GDI's huge database archive, you can conduct extensive, professional searches on any word or subject in the military-defense area and almost always find updated and archived data, from multiple print and electronic sources. As a subscriber to GDI you have at your fingertips a broad, accurate, updated professional tool for monitoring defense and military activity spanning the globe fields. GDI is ideal for keeping informed on investments in new military products, contract awards, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, military exercises and arms transfers.

In addition, you can use GDI to get daily updates via email on any subject, country or product; i.e. Antitank Missiles, Iraq, Contracts for Helicopters, etc. Users are notified by email when data matching a saved search term is loaded to GDI.

While everyday, non-specific news are readily available free of charge on the Internet, only GDI provides you with an in-depth, overall picture of the fields of defense and military aerospace, specifically designed for research and analysis.

GDI Intranet is designed for organizations requiring a high level of security and confidentiality in their research. Using this option you can make use of our comprehensive database, avoiding risks resulting from use of the Internet.

Please feel free to ask for more details about GDI from our marketing staff.