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As World Hesitates, Al-Qaida Carves Out Own Country in Mali, Prepares To Defend It
  31/12/2012 | terrorism and anti-terrorist activities|| mali
One Shot Sniper System
  30/12/2012 | Contract, Received || US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Analysis: What Do Mideast Christians Face in 2013?
  01/01/2013 | defense policy (misc)|| libyan government
USAF Issues Request for Combat Rescue Helo
  30/12/2012 | Contract, Teaming/Competition | Helicopters | USAF
IDF Tank Brigade Holds War Drill in the North
  01/01/2013 | military maneuvers & exercises| Tanks| israel defense forces
TACOM Depots Seek Efficiencies Through Private Partners
  30/12/2012 | Product, Modification/Upgrade | Armored Combat Vehicles | US Army
UN Chief Condemns "Escalating" Violence in Pakistan
  31/12/2012 | terrorism and anti-terrorist activities|| united nations
Riding the Storm: Estonia
  30/12/2012 | Military Maneuvers & Exercises || Estonian Govt
US Senate Blames Benghazi Attack on State Dept.
  01/01/2013 | terrorism and anti-terrorist activities|| us dept of state
Riding the Storm: Baltic-NATO Interoperability
  30/12/2012 | Defense Policy, Force Survey || Estonian Armed Forces
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