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  Global Defense Information (GDI)

GDI is an open source intelligence information system that provides your organization with comprehensive coverage of developments in defense, terrorism & weapons of mass destruction, military aerospace & electronics, and much more.

GDI provides topic-specific news and journal article summaries from hundreds of the world's leading defense-related print and electronic information sources. GDI specifically provides information from many print sources that are not found on the Internet.

GDI, established in 1986, offers clients full access to the system's ever-expanding archive of over 160,000 entries. GDI's editors are defense news specialists who constantly review the latest sources in order to provide the most reliable and relevant information possible. All data presented in GDI is fact-checked by our staff.
  Why do I need GDI?

GDI has many applications suited specifically for the needs of government and intelligence agencies, armed forces, the defense industry, research and development centers, military and civilian libraries, as well as academic research, defense consultants and news organizations.

GDI makes the task of monitoring defense-related information and news sources a simple matter while at the same time providing a robust research capability.

GDI keeps you informed with the data you need. GDI eliminates the need to purchase, maintain, and review individual subscriptions to keep ahead in your area of interest.
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Global Defense Information can be purchased as full-product or you can select individual GDI titles, listed below, which provide information on more specific subjects.

GDI Military Electronics and Technologies Provides focused information on defense electronics technologies, research and development, and systems production, along with related general news.
GDI Aircraft Missiles and Space From missile defense to anti-satellite weapons, this rapidly expanding area is covered with up-to-the-minute data and trade news.
GDI Terror and Weapons of Mass Destruction With terrorism on the rise and the possibility that a weapon of mass destruction will eventually be used, the GDI Terror and Weapons of Mass Destruction database keeps you informed on the latest developments.
  * GDI access is by User ID and Password or IP range, at client request. GDI products are available for intranets with updates delivered by FTP or disk.